Are you an ‍artist, creative soul, or aspiring entrepreneur who...‍‍‍

  • Secretly wants to write a book, develop a body of work, perform on stage, begin a blog, or start a creative business, but you don’t know where to begin or what your next step is?
  • Longs to claim the artist within, yet you're held back by self doubt, fear, or overwhelm?
  • Would love to feel more confident and clear about how to express your passions in sync with who you are and make money doing what you love?    
  • Feels blocked by self-sabotage or perfectionism, preventing you from experiencing a fulfilling creative life on your own terms?

If these words are striking a cord, then I invite you to join me for The Creative Catalyst Sessions, I'll guide you ‍‍to clearly recognize and release what’s keeping you stuck, uncork your creative genius,  make an actionable plan, and help you start doing those things you love and were born to do.

Why I created the Creative Catalyst Sessions

I created the Creative Catalyst Sessions because I know what its like to feel held back and unfulfilled from not expressing my innate creative gifts.

Twenty plus years ago the outer landscape of my life appeared ideal; I was married to my childhood sweetheart, lived in a beautiful historic home, enjoyed good friends and worked in my field as an interior designer.

However, my inner landscape revealed a much deeper truth. I’d suffered from a nagging low grade depression for years, along with self-doubt, frustration and feeling stuck. I’d garnered two college degrees and a career, but somehow lacked a spark and enthusiasm for my life.  

Eventually my marriage crumbled. I was heartbroken, jobless, and confused. I was forced to look at my life as it truly was. I’d let myself believe that my creative dreams weren’t worthy, practical or sustainable. That I should be content to work in a profession I was trained in, rather than what my heart was calling me to do. That a beautiful home, exotic vacations and a successful husband meant I would be secure and happy. Not true.

So began an enriching journey of personal growth including diving deep into human potential studies, jungian psychology, energy medicine, yoga, intuitive practices, writing, and Pilates.

Most importantly, I stepped into my childhood dream of becoming a working artist. I studied painting and printmaking, and began exhibiting my art and developing my talent.

I went on to study with amazing healers and coaches who taught me the art of deep listening and mentoring from a heart centered place and how to meld my creative talents to support others. Now I’m able to bring my training, experience, as well as creative and practical approaches to help people like you, who are ready to recognize their unique potential and impact. And that’s why I feel so passionate to share what I’ve learned with you.

Creative Catal‍‍‍yst Sessions

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What's Included  

  • Creative Catalyst Preparation Package - to help define your focus and make the most of your sessions    
  • Six-‍‍‍60 minute personalized sessions devoted to meeting your particular needs/goals. Two sessions scheduled each month to allow for integration and implementation time    
  • Priority email access to me in between sessions    
  • Ripple benefits for weeks and months from gaining clarity and action steps with accountability    
  • 30 minute follow up session with me (scheduled within 2 weeks of your final session to help integrate and solidify your experience

What Clients are Saying

"You’ve given me accountability for my ideas, an easy structure and encouragement around my creative process. Without your help, my new business would still be floating around in outer space. I’d be feeling restless and stuck had I not decided to take this journey with you. Thank you so much!”   Catherine

“Through the creative catalyst sessions,I discovered the best ways to nurture myself.I also recognized my fear of leaving a job that provides good benefits but is filled with big system problems  - and more importantly, my desire to combine my current work as an occupational therapist with art and camping.”  Erika

“Working with Christine really helped to visualize my strengths and feel more confident and trusting of myself. I was able to let go of something that wasn't serving me and could recognize that it really was okay to move on. Being able to play opened up a whole world to me.You helped me to generate a plan and recognize the aligned actions that create little changes day to day toward my purpose.”   Emily

“One of the top benefits of the catalyst sessions was the dedicated, personalized time with Christine that gave me a much deeper awareness of what’s important for my art career. These sessions helped me open up my creative channels and connect deeply with my ‘why’ and see how my family, vocation and gifts are intricately woven together.”  Carolyn

The Investment?

I try to make it easy for you to say YES to your dreams, so I offer 2 investment options to choose from.

Option #1 Pay in Full (via Paypal or check). A $550 one time investment, non-refundable (saves you $80)

Option #2 Installments (via Paypal or check)2 payment installment. $315 deposit at time of registration. Balance of $315 due 30 days thereafter.

Have Questions?

I'm here to answer them. Call me at 505-688-8568 or email me at

Imagine…the joy and freedom of identifying and unfolding your dreams! Moving from overwhelm and doubt - to freedom and action. Feel ready to move forward?

Follow Your Bliss!



Imagine what it would be like to    

  • ‍‍‍Activate the next important step of your creative lifework  
  • Get personalized support and mentoring to gain clarity and develop a plan of action that’s manageable and in sync with who you are
  • Learn how to make empowering choices by honing your intuitive muscles and strategic skills
  • Stop beating yourself up for not figuring it out    
  • Lay aside daily concerns and receive one-on-one mentoring to nurture your heart, boost your energy and open new doors to creative expression and success    
  • Uncover your best strengths, talents  and attributes so you can naturally create inner and outer prosperity