As an image maker and colorist, I love creating works of art for others to enjoy, and find immeasurable inspiration in nature. I'm constantly making a connection between the outer world I experience  - and the inner world of heart, memory, and meaning.

My images are abstracted interpretations of what I see living near the Rio Grande River and the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico. Weathered cottonwood stumps, hillsides dotted with piñon, the radial symmetry of agave - all intrigue me and act as inspiration.

Years ago, while still practicing as an interior designer, I began working in watercolor and exhibiting my art in the Midwest. Later, I followed my dream to move to the Southwest and studied at the University of New Mexico at Taos, and the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe to hone my love of printmaking.

As a life-long creative explorer, I continually improvise and innovate by combining different printmaking techniques, including collagraph, woodcut, etching and monotype.

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