‍‍‍The Creative Muse Card Deck & Guide Book

‍‍‍© 2018 Christin‍‍‍e Herman Studio


Hello creative adventurer, artist, healer, entrepreneur,

and you who dream of living a more soulful, creative life!

Now more than ever your unique creative skills and talents are needed in the world but....

I know it's not always easy to connect with a clear vision of what they are

or how to express them with the authenticity, influence, and impact you truly desire.‍‍‍

That's why I designed the

Creative Muse Card Deck & Guide Book.



The Creative Muse Cards

help you craft your own creative vision through an interactive and powerful process 

guide you toward the inner shifts you need to take aligned action

support you to create with intention and follow your dreams

uncover your blind spots and expand your vision for what's truly p‍‍‍ossible


"I was surprised at the intuitive downloads and how much I was able to access through my own interpretations."

Kim, shaman and guide



Developed and illustrated by artist Christine Herman, the deck features 52 cards with full color images on the fronts that serve to reflect your current consciousness. The backs provide interpretations to compliment your own intuitive reading.

The 8 page guide book offers a step-by-step simple process for gaining confidence, clarity, and support for your creative journey.

Card size: 2.75" by 4.75" on smooth 300 gsm smooth finish‍‍‍ card stock with rounded edges. Comes conveniently packaged in a white tuck box with cover.

Special launch price $35, plus shipping.

Order the Creative Muse Ca‍‍‍rd Deck & Gu‍‍‍ide‍‍‍ Book

"Using the cards helped me to feel more calm, focu‍‍‍sed, and confident moving forward in my life."

Terry, biologist & entrepreneur



Because YOU are your own best guide 

The cards won't tell you what to do - rather they guide you to trust your own innate wisdom 

The 52 inspired images help you become creatively unblocked and point to possible solutions 

Lean into your growing edge, cultivate courage, and take steps toward your dreams  ‍‍‍

Select from several card spread options to support different aspects of your creative life journey