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Speaking to the imagination ~ Contemporary Artist's Books

Gerald Peters Gallery - Santa Fe

June 21- October 24, 2019

Gallery Reception: Friday, June 21, 5-7 PM

Artists’ Talk & Reception: Saturday, July 20, 2-4 PM

Location: Gerald Peters Projects, 1011 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico Contact: John Macker, [email protected], 505-954-5700,

Speaking to the Imagination exhibition features handmade artists’ books and works on paper from local, national and international artists and writers of note. Each work on display reflects a compelling artistic vision combining words and art, as well as a distinctive take on book artistry. Individual Works by writers and artists: Jim Dine, Dale Harris, Helen Hiebert, Carol Mothner, Miriam and Isabel Sagan, Kent Rush, Leon Loughridge, Margy O’Brien, Cynthia West, Vicki Bolen, Richard Wolfson, Kate Breakey, James McElhinney, and Susan Linnell.

Collaborative Books: BOOK OF CRANES: Vicki Bolen, Geraldine Brussel, Deborah Cole, Dale Harris, Stephanie Lerma, Lou Liberty, Margy O'Brien, Ginger Rice, Judith Roderick, Mary Sweet, Linney Wix, and Richard Wolfson

BOOK OF SEASONS: Vicki Bolen, Geraldine Brussel, Donna Dowell, Marianne Deery, Esther Feske, Dale Harris, Christine Herman, Frank Melcori, Trish Meyer, Carrol Moxham, Sally Moore, Sophia Petropulos, Judith Roderick, Amy Sproul, Kent Swanson, Mary Sweet, and Linney Wix IMPRINTS OF HOME: Vicki Bolen, Esther Feske, Dale Harris, Christine Herman, Frank Melcori, Trish Meyer, Carrol Moxham, Margy O’Brien, Kent Swanson, and Mary Sweet Book of Cranes accordion 24 in. x 32 in. x 5 in. with a 16 ft. open, extended length. Original art, calligraphy, poetry on handmade paper, with clamshell box.

Coming this September 1-30

What's in a Mark

An exhibition of prints based on

mark making


Remarque Print Workshop

3812 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM


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